Luna: New Moon (Luna series) by Ian McDonald. Read online, or download in DRM-free EPUB format. The Moon wants to kill you. Whether its being unable to pay your per diem for your allotted food, water, and air, or you just get caught up in a fight between the . A place to discuss published SF**—novels, short stories, comics, images, and more. Not sure if a book is SF? Then post it! Science Fiction.

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Luna. New Moon. Luna - 1. ePub r libra Titulo Originaclass=" underline" Luna. New Moon. Ian McDonald, Editor digitaclass="underline" libra. Ian McDonald's Luna: New Moon is the first in a exciting new near-future series— available September 22nd from Tor Books (US) and. We're excited to announce that the pick for December is Ian McDonald's Luna: New Moon, the first book in McDonald's saga of the Five.

Lucas is trapped in a rover on the Moon's surface after it is hacked by his ex-wife Amanda, who reveals that she and her family have been behind the assassination attempts as part of their plan to manipulate the Cortas and Mackenzies into destroying each other. Amanda leaves him to die in the rover, but Lucas attempts a five meter moon-run through vacuum to the hatch of a moonloop terminal.

He is successful, and flees to a tiny satellite from where he can plot his revenge.

Wolfe who was responsible for it. I thought about it, and Enid, my partner, was watching TV, the new version of Dallas The world works faster than we think. I wanted those facts to shape the world and lives of my characters, from low gravity to moon dust, which is seriously nasty stuff Hard science technically shapes the lives, loves, jealousies and ambitions of every one of my moon's one point seven million citizens. And so, Dior.

Because when you picture a Martini glass, you picture it in the gloved hand of Audrey Hepburn If you can print clothes, why not in the style of one of the most elegant eras in fashion history? The s.

Dior and Balenciaga , Balmain and Jacques Fath. Wolfe noted in Locus , "[McDonald's] moon colony is resolutely multicultural The polyglot moon dialect draws not only on Portuguese and English, but on Chinese, Yoruba, Russian, Spanish, and other languages.

Corporate titles are borrowed from Korean, marriage contracts from Arabic, and names of lunar days from Hawaiian. Marina is our eyes, ears, fears and hopes.

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Our way into a dangerous, strange and seductive world. She has all-areas access, and she naturally, organically and without any info-dumps, shows us now the Moon works, because she needs to learn.

And we root for her. We always root for the blue-collar hero. McDonald's moon is omnisexual, kinky, violent, passionate, beautiful, awful, vibrant and crushing.

Wolfe called Luna "the best moon novel I've seen in many years", noting that "the most relentless, merciless, unforgiving character of all is the lunar setting, which McDonald manages to present as utterly boring and absolutely terrifying at the same time.

His elder brother Duncan solidifies his hold on Mackenzie Metals and reopens the only remaining smelter on the Moon, the original Mackenzie facility at Hadley.

Bryce's blades decimate one of Duncan's work crews, nearly killing Duncan's son Denny. As payback, Denny agrees to protect Robson while Wagner is away. Bryce's knives come for Robson, and though Denny and his people intervene, Robson flees.

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Paralyzed from the waist down, Ariel Corta is in hiding but performs legal work remotely. Her bodyguard Marina Calzaghe's "Moonday"—when she must decide whether to return to Earth before the Moon's changes to her body are irreversible, or stay on the Moon permanently—is approaching. With the LDC board turning against him, Jonathan Kayode hires Ariel as his legal advisor, knowing that her current lack of family and business alliances makes her the only person he can trust.

Ariel meets with Lady Sun, Lousika Asamoah, and Duncan Mackenzie to confirm whether they will position their families with or against Jonathan.

She seeks out banker Vidhya Rao, whom she believes can give her insight into the Vorontsovs, who have gone quiet. Ariel is shocked to learn that the Vorontsovs have begun a brutal coup of their own.

The inhabitants of the facility have been assassinated by robots who now pursue Wagner's rover; he loses two teammates, but the survivors rendezvous with a rescue team.

Lucasinho flees the city with his nine-year-old cousin Luna, daughter of Rafa and Lousika, but their transport pod is stranded at a remote relay station due to a lack of power. Running out of energy and air, Luna and an unconscious Lucasinho find refuge in the destroyed subterranean Corta mansion, Boa Vista.

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In Meridian, Jonathan is assassinated, and Marina returns to Earth. Ariel is summoned by the mastermind behind the brutal takeover: her brother Lucas. Duncan seeks Robson as leverage against Lucas, but Denny lets the boy flee with Wagner, and is exiled by Duncan. Lucas reclaims Boa Vista.

The cover art is by Victor Mosquera.Le Guin. Expand text… A thousand worlds have opened, and the greatest land rush in human history has begun.

Ruthless People 5 of 6. Lousika Asamoah: Expand text… In the dead of night, new parents Alice and Harry French are plunged into their worst nightmare when they wake to find masked men in their bedroom. She followed his footsteps into the police force, and knows she has a big reputation to live up to. Peter F.

Luna: New Moon

Author: Ian McDonald. Leviathan Wakes 6 of 6. Dante is a know-it-all who has an unusual way of looking at the world.