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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: The Complete Official Guide [Piggyback] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “With so many things to be. final fantasy xiii lightning returns the complete official strategy guide scan.,. Ff 2 pdf guide lightning returns piggyback pdf.,. final fantasy. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - the Complete Official Guide - Collector's Edition by Piggyback, , available at Book.

J and unlike most RPGs. Eachquest proficiency. From Day 7 onwards. Asquestrompletionis strongeronadailybasis. Thisgradualelevatronoftheoveralldrflicultyol also the prrncrpal storyrequrremoot to reach the endrng. By manually leveling equipment, from garb to weapons and shields. Character Specialization. Character specialization is an all-imponant aspect of the game If limited in the long run- especially from the moment you stan fightrng your Schemata are versatile and broadly similar-for example, one stronger enemies.

Indeed, the various roles you can assrgn to your physical attack, one elemental spell, ooe area-of-effect technique. Schemata rely upon completely different attrrbutes.

AlB Speed. Given that therearefoorprincrpalroles,andyouonlyhavethreeMain Schemata that you can use in battle, at least one of your Schemata will havetofusetwospecializations f2J! Here is a desaiptron of a typrcal Schemata configuration that can prove Choose an elemental garb that surts your needs. Naturally, this is only natrveabilitywithyourbestspellsoftheotherthreeelements. Consider the following configuration as a very efficient setup that will remain reliab! Youwillfindmoresuggestions twostandardphysicalattacks.

This leaves. Therearemanyailmentabilities either the physical damage-dealer or the ailment Schema. Once you've struck or been struck by an enemy on the field screen. Forexample,ifyouooticethatanoppooentwillonlystrike at melee range, you can move away from it to prevent it from attading.. Wile yourATBgaugesarebeiogrefilled Theopposite de1iberatelyremainingat close range can be effective against foes who only perloon ranged anads. The defensive Evade ability C! D can be used to roll in any direction, which is much faster than walking, but this is costly intermsofATB.

Note that you can control the camera w1th Cil. Combat Flow. FightingbattlesinlightningReturnsisalmostakintodancingorplaying D. Whenever necessary. The impmtantthing tothepreviousSchematoresumeyourassault to keep in mind is that you do not dance alone: You keep repeating this cycle until your enemy falls.

Thepointisthatyouusual lyneednotwrxryaboutmwingyourcharacter Once you know your three Schemata ability sets by heart you can around. You open the battle with your ailment Schema. You switch to a stagger-oriented Schema to build up your target's contextualactions suchasguardmovesortheactivationofpomrful Stagger Wave. You switch to a damage-dealer Schema to hit your staggered victim with your most powerful attacks.

Choose an enemy in the center of a group to inflict damageonasmanyfoesaspossible mJ. As a rule. Anyenemyoutsideyourcurrentviewcanl fepareand perform an attack that you won't even see coming, which will make it muchmoredifficulttoguardintime.

Stagger J By stnking at enemy vulnerabilitres. When you attack an enemy. The R'oOfe this wave increases. To speed up theprocess. To maximize your damage output during a stagger. Thevictrmwillgenerallyreactphysically The attack that causes the stagger on an enemy enjoys a massive damage to each stagger For example.

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The stagger. The victrm remains staggered only for a limited trme. Such"PerfectTiming"movesrequirepracticebut taking more damage. Peffect anads deal more damage, buttheyrequireyoutotaptherelevantfacebunonofyourcoouoller withtherighttempo.

Perfect Guard reduces and may even negate the damage sustained by lightmng. Inns automatically outside battles. There are other abilities that can offer similar properties,buttheseonlybecomeavailableat amuchlaterstageinthe.

Therearevarioustypes ofpotions. AA ally acquired during the course of the main story in the as the endowment of buffs.

Check out the Inventory chapter of this guide L:: J Wildlands can cast healing spells on lightmng.

The key to avoidinginjuriesisguarding. They consume EP. Seepage45 Schema. Therearerestaurantstobefoundacrossallfour W1th practice. You larger the restoration canevenuseMediguardtorestorelightning'sHPaherstaggeringmore trivial enemies. Against tougheropponents. Whenever your HP gauge is entirely depleted,youarerequestedtoselectanyofthemeansofrevivalatyour disposal: Escaping a battle rewinds time to before the battle began.

If you fail to complete all five main quests by Day When this happens. This,naturally,gives youan incredibleedgeinyournewplaythrough. Allattacksinthegameareeittlerphysicalormagicinna ture. Forexample,ifacreatureis attribute weak to the Fire element, but resists magic damage, equipping a Fire-imbued physical ability such as Flamestrike or Heat81itz to a Schema dedicated to 8othattacktypescanbeeithernon-elemental neutrallorelemental-inottler physicaldamagewillleadtooptimalresults.

These increase one damage type physical with Bravery, magic with Faith or provide elemental properties to otherwise neutralattacks theEn-buffs. Each enemy has a set of affinities. Status enhaocements also called buffs are beneficial status effects thai improve!

TheyplayadecisiveroleindelemJining the difficulty, duration and final outcome of! Status enhancements cannot be bestowed by abilities, but only via the useofrecoveryitemsoraccessories. Eachbuffhasaspecificpurpose, asrevealedinthe followingtable. Theybecomea moreprominentaspectolcombatencountersasyouprogressthroughthestory. Someadversaries particularlybossesandlarge-scalefoes canprovedifficult to beat unless you weaken them with status ailments.

The most common way to inflict status ailments is via the use of debilitating abilities D. Idea lly. When you face an enemy type that is immune to certain or alii status ailments. This is an.: These ailments have the. You will encounterdolensofdifferentenemytypesduru'IQvourtrave! Many roam alooe, but physical-oriented Schema and unleash a physical attack. Thrs short some are found in pairs. With certain battles round of moves will uncover most of the creature's essential informatioo being unavtJidable, and the rewards for taking down enemies very valuable newabilitres.

Evenmore rmportant istheneedtoreactaccordingly byadapting librapageforarelativelyminorinvestment. This is battles!

Mostfieldswillbeblankoo staggeranddefeatyouropponentsquickly. Theselistthemostefficienlwaysto outalltypeSofattacksasthebanlebegins: From Day 7 onwards, all monsters grow.

This isacriticalfactorthatyouneedtotakeinto accountwhenplanningyourlourneysandtheorderinwllichyouwill be completing main storyline missions and secondal'f quests. As monsters grow stronger from Day 7 onwards. You recerve more gil.

This makes the process of humrng down enemies fa1 more rewarding, though more difficu! Therearea limited number of monsters inhabiting the lands of Nova Chrysalia Once you defeat all the individuals of a species. Eliminating them usuallyoflersvaluableitemdrops, aswellasapieceofequipmerrtto collectonthegroundrightafterthebattleends.

Your EP meter is refilled to its maximum level in the process.

Makesureyoualwaysopenthesegihs,astheircoments arevaluable. Someof theseitemsareveryrareandcannotbeobtainedan' l';tlereelse.

Examinethebooktoactivatetheserecords,andyoowillbe able to challenge these fallen enemies a! These banlesoffernorewards: Lightning'sEnergyPoints EP arerepresentedbythemeterinthebonom- leftcomerofyourscreen. Mostenernies ofthelafge-scalesubtypeyieldlargesumsofEPwhentheyfall. Strength and Magic are all boosted by 50'1. Enables you to flee from banle and rewilld time to just prior Within Chaos Infusions Youwillhaveabenerchanceofreceivingitems. Fullyrestores l ightning'smaximumHP canpickupaodsellforasizablepriceto traders thatall!

Revives lightning from the KO status ar. Slows the in-game time to a crawl during banles. If you are unsure. Instantly warps you to Monorail Sta tions. The online environment that is available via your connection is called the Outerworld.

People whose names appear in blue in the field are carrymg messages posted by other players. Monorailtravelcostslittleintermsofgil,butpreciousminutes in introduct1oo to the fourregionsthatyouwillexploredurir. Thismeansthatit'sbesttoplanyourjourneyswiselyandavoid luxerion. Onceyouhavecompletedafewatlditionaltasksinthiscity,youare unnecessarycomingsandgoir. The Pfimary method of travel between the four mam regiOfiS is via the Monorail network.

LuxeriooplaysllosttonumefoussidequestsandCanvasofPrayerstasks,but Thoughyoumlghtassumethatyoumustmakesignificantprogressinluxerion the PfOCess of completlf'lQ these activ1t1es is complicated by a relative paucity of beforetravellingtootherregions. ThislimitsyourabilitytokeepChronostasisactiveatalltimes, toomuchtimeinthecityatthestartoftheadventuremayactualtyputyouat unless you make an elton to periodically farm EP.

There are only three specific areas where eoemies spawn with any visitstoundenakeseveraltasksatonce degreeof regularity. YoucanfindanlnnandanOutfitteroothe square outside.

This area is home to the city's most redoubtable monsters. Gremlins and Nibletsareeasyprey for Lightning. Thesecanbeidentifiedbya the west. Monster spawns are frequent succession. YoucanexploitthistogainEPtop-upsandspoilswtlenever throughoutthearea.

Y u snaan. Completing the second chapter of the mam quest this region oolods ac: General Store and a Restaurant Its otllef main attraction is! Reveler'sOuarterdislfictsaretfle startingpointforseveralsidequests. It features an Outfitter, two RestaurantsandaconvenientGeneraiStore. Asthereisonlyafinitesupplyofbothmonsters,anyspecimensthat you defeat here will not be available when and where you potentially need them most. Gremlins and the Skata'ne, however, are fair game.

Dnceyouhavecompletedtherelatedchallengesand pickedupthecollectiblesinthoseareas.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - the Complete Official Guide - Collector's Edition

As here range from trivialities to trials. With the Olocobo Eaterheing particularly loogasyoupick' OOfbanlescarefully. This provides you with thatisquitedaJfotJSuntil laterinthestory. Bothsteedandbattleally,theChocobogreatly untillightmngacquirescertalnkeyablhtlesandbetterequlpment. We reducesthedifficultyofcombatencoontersb' assailingoppooents, advise thatyouwa1tunt1l youhavefullyhealed the Olocobobefore drawingtheiranentlonawayllomlightning.

There are also many places oothemapthatonlyaChocobocanreach. Youcanonlyreach the Temple Entrance to the northwest with a healed Chocobo. Aiow-levellightningwillstruggleagainst passage to luxerion and the Dead Dunes Your first port of call oo the Ectopuddings that also stalk the area.

There are immediate benefit You can also find an loo. General Store and marJVareastandrollectlbles that you cannot reach without its full Restaurant here Jumpingandglidingpower. Ooceyouhave shieldthatcanmakearealdifferencetoalow-levellightning a sufficient number of completed quests and suitable equipment. AryasVillageisaprofitablequesthubthatyouwillvisit many times, with its immediate surroundings free of enemy activity. A Restaurantofferstheopponunitytoheal. The monster spawn rate is quite ferociooslyhighthroughoutthisarea.

Withavanedselectionof ,. The Dead Dunes. The Dead Dunes have a surprise in store for the first-tune visitor: These areasonableuseofyourtime,we'NOUidarguethattheOeadDunesistheregion are locked until you reach the only senlement in the reg1on.

Exploringthevast thefirsttwo relativelyshortlchaptersofthelocalmainqllest. This provides transrt to luxerion and EarthEatarmonstersencounteredinthrsregronshouldbetoperhaps. The recedes rapidly into the distance. Without excellent equipment. As you will be reminded on at are ridiculously difficult to conquer They are easily the most powerful leastseveralfurtheroccasionsinthisguide.

They elemeflt of almost any worthwhile Schemata setup for many hours are common in the Dry floodlands. Atomos"s Sands and Grave of the Colossi areas. This is the Aeronite: Naturally, we have a main quest.

YouwillfindaRestaurant,anlnnafldapoorlystocked completerecordaftheirlocatronslaterintheguide General Store Hater improved after you complete a side quest on yourfirstvisit.

Afterl fogressrnginthestoryline. You can use Cactuar statues to move from other sources. Once you complete a farrty elementary srde quest. Ad draw her sword and smite them at every available opportunity. Thesetxistonlytobesold,andaree 'Where Ale You, Holmes? Openthetwotreasurespheresin entrance: ThelasttrainfortheDeadDunesleaves atCI download the Passion Rouge Garb for 1. With that done.

DAY 2. Theseallofferasizableboost elemental magic to lightning's Magic: You can add infairlysignificantquantJtJes. Ud Grasslands Q O.

Idllfault JagdWoods 11i Sd. Beforeyousetoffto Moshbaltltsqu;ct. You should also. Ulvl youstd.. Youcanthenspeak toheragaintounlockthe. Adventuring Essentials merchant yaulattthtv. Don'tneglecttoopenbothtreasurespheresintheForsaten replaces all standard monsters Graveyard. Defeating a i previouslyoutofreach. Seetheposter Zomok mside a Chaos Infusion is a pretty substantial challenge at this maptolearntheirexactlocations stage.

Moogle'" see page , which you should start immediately assign the Electronica garb to your magic Schema, alld Sparbtrike to your loot out for luminous Mushrooms as you travel to each lost Moog! DAY 3. Hope's grft on the Art: TravettoAryasVillagetofinish l'llagl. ThoughVQucandefeat thematthisstage, doiog so collectibles. ComplttingallstepsintfteTempleoftheGoddess will be somethillQofatrial.

Uallycreatesashortcutbacktotftebossencounter fo r future use. Inventory whicheventualtvrequiresavisit toYusnaan: The Anubys, which replaces other enemy varieties from Use this opportunity to complete chapter at the same securing this amount, 11 is still possible to fight them in the groll'ldsjust time see page A single fight aga1nst a Zaltys Bestiary page outsidethePatron'sPalace. DAY 5.

Use the ThesewilldropeitheraUzardTail. The warpdevicetoreachYusnaan former is required in large quantrties for a handful of Canvas quests. Noteltlatifyoudecidenottovisitthe OiviAeJsduringtheday.

Thisisashortalld simpletaskthatonlyrequiresyoutoheadtoRuffianinthecenter oftheDeadDunes. Seepage93if you need assistance. OnceyoubringthelatterbacktoEimer in Ruffian. Thrs cheap weapun Oasis lighthouse. Use the Pilglim's Crux on the monument. Lootthetreasuresphefesinthe0asislighthouse a staple element of some vefY effectrve Schemata setups. See area ustbeyond. Youcanalsoacceptthe"LastOneStandiog" srde quest. Chiog the group of chapter ThisinvolvesvisitingallthreeShlinesoftheTablet- Goblots there triggers the appearance of the Anthmometer.

Open the averyeasytaskifyou'vebeendiligent inactivalirlgallCactuar tJeasuresphere whidlrequires4EP toobtainthevaluableSilkScarf Statues in the desert- and exploring the depths of the Temple accessory, then return to Ramon to complete his quest. Heavy Guard from the Gurangatch, Imperil from the teleportlocation. DAY 6. With all the Fragments in your inventory.

From0ay7,allenemiesthatyou encounter enjoy significant boosts to their attributes, e11d naturally become harder to defeat To! Thismakesit aprimedestinationat eneblingyoutosynthesrzethemuntilmaxed,andthento l eveiBoost thispointinthestory1me them lor reduced ATB cosu.

See page 24ti lor details on this system. Dorl"t worry if you miss certaifl opportunities you will haveplentyoltrmetotreuplooseendsovertheremainingdays.

Galestnke and Aerora Dryad. Froststrike and Blizzara Mmiftan. Attack Rafflesia. Sparkstrike Vali. Electric Blitz andThundara Hanuman. Biitz Reaver. Bear in mmd that monsters will be practicallyaUquestsavailab! Makesureyoucollectallofthevaluableitems fromtheTempleRuinstreasurespheres. Irme Sparrow Comb. Oon'tforgettostaggerthiscreature "The Angel's Tears" 1 to ensure a decent drop rate. Once you have tflem. This proves useful Gremlin tormo Voli Wolotandsl. From Oon'tforget tochecktheCanvasofPrayersto turnincompletedtasksandacceptnewones.

Of rather high prict! downloading some will provide immediate stat boosts to your Schemata. Make sure you also speak to Armand before Last One Weapons SomeofthelastOneslthefinalspecimensofspeciesthatareonthebri nk of extinction drop a powertulweapon when you defeat them.

Even if you do notplantoeliminatealllastOnes,considerhuntingthree inparticularwho D ay 8 I dropswords. Achieving this has multiple benefits, one of them being tha t each highway offers easy accessto alllarge-scaleenemiesofthetwo regionsi t connects.

Oay9isyourfinalopportunity tofarmmonstersforlv. The following enemies fortheirability anditemdrops. If mostly tccessories. Aoors 29to32 contain a single forthe iritemand abilitydrops. The recovery items they co11tain should act IS ample foreshadowing of whet you will face on the final floor. Thebossmonster,Ereshkigtl,isoneofthegame'sultimate coRfrontations,andyouwillneedtoemployadvancedSchemata The Extra Day satupsandstrategiestodefeatthisfoe.

Completing the five main quests is enough to ensure you have Heraisaqulckoverviewofthespecialrulesthatapplyinside accustotheFinal0ayattheendof0ay12,andtheopportunity theUIIImatelair. Howtver, i1youhavacompleted asufficientnumberofsidequestsbytheendof0ay You cannot use unlock a special 14th day, occurring betwten Dey 12 and the Chronostas1s, a11d the minutes fly inexorably, even during Final Day.

The uactformula used is too complicated to deta il battles. Unless you have already defeated many Last Ones. Canvas preserveasmuchtimeaspossib! This makes the enemies that you ancountersignificantfymoredlfficulttodispatch,and requires that you make notable improvements to your Schemata a11d strategies. Referto page for a walkthrough of the game's final sequences.

Hope'sgiftis asetolliveSilverMalistones. Yoo canthenloadthissavefiletoresumetheadventure in New Gamet, v. Youcanfindadditional ad'viceonallgameleaturesthatyouencounterinthePrimerchapter.

How you where time does rrot flow, and to wilich lightning must return at This fight is followed l: Lighlllirrg obtains the Escape EP Ability. Theconversation you'redone. At theendofthrs. YoucanspeaktoHopeaoainfor further background information, andevenaccesshisspec: Contrnueeast,thentumtothesouth trncturesonOayl ,youcanignorethelatteroptionfornow.

ThemainquestlortheholyCityOiluxenonspansatleasttwoin-gamedays, andistheshortestofthefourprincipalstorylines. An Evil Savior. ThisisanelementaiYchallenge,but wewilldocumentaselectionofpointsofinteractiontogetyoustaned Once you have gathered enough information, Hope will l fompt Lightning toreturntothelnquisitor.

If you fail toretumtothe lnqursrtorWJthasufficient quantrty of clues and witness statements before Jumptotheadjacentplatlormand talkto theOfficerthere.

Speak to Thorton at the newly unlocked station entrance. It alsocontributeshiddefl"clue points" towards!

Alter you obtam the rewards for 'Whither Faith". If Lightning is detected during the tail. Themainquestforluxerioocannotbeadvancedanyfurtheroo Dayl. See page 56 of the Walkthroughchapterforadviceonthemostprofitableusesofyourtime. Find the Code ffi Thrs chapter of the main quest is available from The numbers on the Wharf of the of Aodif D11adnought yooareinllOfitstatetoeasilytacl:: If you areanempting to complete this portion of the local main quest on Day2, be warned: Exam1neth1StofindaCrestof Etro.

NHilfioin BI. Don't move too close to the waypoint this t1iggers a cinematic and earlier. When the fight ends. This sometimefightingthemtoacQuuetheSickleoftheFaithful. Should you fall into the areas tlelow, thete is start of the Den of Shcldows.

The Great Break-In. At tllis point li1l On the Supply line, make note of the point 'Nhefe the path drops. CD asyouJumptoit. Open the ifyoumissthisdeadline,youwillneedtowaituntilthenextdayto treasuresphereheretoobtaintheSoldier'slieaccessory. The battle folla. You can fir. The enemy spawn rate IS ll! Jumping the gap in the catwalk when you arrive at it. When you there are no monsters that present any degree of difficulty. Head reach a ladder. Followthislinearrorridoruntil you reach a closed portcullis.

Attheendofthetunnelyouwillreacha ladder thatleadstotheAeveler'sOuarter. The Legend of the Sav1or. A pop-up Primer wilt inform you of me times 'Nhen firewOOs will be launched: Theseareyourdeadlinesforspeakingto thePyrotechniciansateachposition.

We have marked all relevant pointsofinterestontl'leaccompanyingmap. Though you only need ten fireworks, it's easy to make a sweep of the fl! Speaking to the Drunk Pyrotechnician in charge The second is similarly easy, against a single Anubys Bestiary page of the firewtH"kson Central Avenue begins a sl'lortsidequestlwhich The third is against a Zalrys Bestiary page , a moderately we cover on page This can only be completed on the evening challengingopponentwtlowillnonethelessbeofnoconsequenceif when it is accepted.

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To obtain the specified tipple, speak to the chapter. For maximum damage, use Ice-elemental spells MaitreO'atBanquetolthelordandpaytherequiredl. OOOgilfee TaketheBacchus'sBrewbacktotheDrunkPyrotechniciantoobtainhis AfteryouconcludeyoorbusinessattheSiaughterhouseandobtainthe lireworksandyourrewards garb,youshouldnotethattheperformancedoesnot beginuntil Though you can artrficially advance time via an opt ron that appears when youspeaktoOirectorSarzhak. Lightningwillalmostcertainlybetooweaktohandlethechallengesthat lieahead.

Whenyouarereadytocontinue,equiptheMidnightMauvegarbandset it as your default Schema! Afterthe initial cutsceneends, you will thenspeaktoOirectorSarzhak. Toobtaintherequiredgarb,youneed obtarn the Femme fatale weapon. A Solitary Patron. You only have thfee hours to make your way through the large. SilouldyoufiOOthegoingtough,youcanalwaysraiseEPtllrough battles and teleport to another location.

Don't WOff' too much if you need to use a few Recovery Items during the trip: Smash the crates, climb up, thenemptythetreasuresphere whichcootainsthefrostbane thecenterofthepalace Choker. IF Make your way to the ballroom. Stockuprfyou the staircase ontheWf! From thrs point on. Chaos needto,thllflcontinuetothewaypointtotriggeracinematic Infusions will appearwithregulanty.

TheZaltySandCyclopslarge-scale enemies spawn in the main area of this chamber. These are rather easy todealwithifyouusetherightstrategy Bestiarypage1B8and ,so 1! If you haY! Orop through the shaft to return to the southwest side of Floor 3. At the end of the battle. The Wildlands has more secondary quests than any other region. What's more. The Angel of Valhalla. OtheiWise, useWind-i! Ectopdding ' ,. IIS Eq. Dunng eroerny attads.

OU'oflensrve J "' U. After gathermg fray. TheChocoboEa terisoneofthemostpowerfulenemiesintheentire the required information, you will now have a new quest marker in the! Gysahl at Canopus Farms. After the cinema tic interlude. Healing an Angel. OurlocushereisgetyourChocoboup, lor the Yeul's Flowers to regrow, that is certainly the cheapest way to running aOO eventually gliding with a minimum of effort aOO expeOOiture. Thelnnkeeperontheeastsideofthesettlement providesthegiftofFuzzySheepMilk.

RetumtotheChocobowiththese threeitems. If not, scour the surrounding area to meet these foes until you have the netessaryitems. One of the final rewardsistheMysticaiMealitem. ThoughyoucanhealtheChocoboby CanbegrownatCaoopusfarmson other means. Eightunitsarerequired I P! Nadlawll lte ll I lortwoCanvasoff'fayw;quests. Givenasarewardlorthe"fuuySearch"sjde you about Yeul's Flowers, special blooms with medicinal properties that Chocobos musteatdirectlyattheirpointolgrowth.

TakeyourChocobo FuuySheepMilk! Hasno purposeothetlhantobeledtoyourChocobo totheYeul'sFiowerinthenorthofJagdWoods seemap andinteract withit. Arwardforthe"Round'EmUp"sidequest thirdashortwaytothewesto! AryasVillage torestoreyourChocobo tothesecondhealingstage-andadvancethestorytothenextchapter. Requiredrtemforthe"Emergerq- Treatn'let'lt"Canvasquesl.

Thismeansthatyoucan final ly navigate the Rocky Crag area to reach Poltae. Youalsofightwithouttheassistance ofyourChocobo,andlightningishandicappedbyasteadyHP drain. EquiptheFiamebaoeChokeronyoor Eclopudding po-ima. Useallloorelementsaod stagger with spells. PerleetGuardsarecrincatto reducedamagetakenaodeana lsostagger. For future reference. Middle Level. She will conjure upasetof temporaryplatformsthatprovideaccesstothebalcony. This r.! Drop to the stone platform below, raid the leadingtotheoppositebalcony.

Youcan refreshtheroutetotheupperfloor. Jumptothebalconyatthetopand thenretraceyourstepsand headthroughthedoorwayinthenorthwest gothroughthedoorway ThiscorridortendstopitlightningagainstEctopuddingsinpairs. Highest Level. Speak toflertotriggerplatforms. After that. These disappear fairly rapidly, and it's a loog way down, so be quick and composedwitheachjump. H,ghestleveltoobtaintheChaos Glyphs quest item. If yoo have both Glyph items.

SpeaktoYeul inthenextroomtocreatea rootetothebalcony and. These contain Elementa lv. TheYeulthatappears andtheTri-PointCoronet.

When play resumes. Father and Son Wishes on a Canvas. ThequestofficiallystartsattheCrashSiteintfle Hean" Canvasquest. However, you must sphere in the Wildlands. Return this to Chocolina to obtain the Fragment of Smiles beforeyoucanuseyourChocobo'sglidingabilitytoreachhim. Whst Soul to conclude this storyline.

Speak to any Soul Seed trader. Battle's Bounty. Visrt the Slaughterhouse in Yusnaan at! Ill' time from TheboutisfoughtagainsttheZaltyS Follow 81imstooe. Alter the conversation with Sazh, follow the Chocobo chick to find a new treasuresphereoutside. OpenthistoacquiretheFragmentofMischief 5-B: Beyond the Sandstorm quest item, and trigger a cinematic. The tutorial tllat follows will explain how ' 00 need to collect a further foor of OaJh's Soul Fragments and retumtllemtoSazh.

Ewn before you are readvto embark on productive stays in the Oead Ounes,youcanvisit the regiontocollectthefragmento! Usethisatthe altartotheleftof thesandstorm. Alter preparing your Schemata tumto page oltheBestiaryforassistance. Be careful not to use afl'1 abilitres imbued with the Ice e! On a first playthrough.

Shouldynuchoosetovisit theDeadDunestosimplyexplore, takeinthesightsandplundertreasurespheres. This should take no more than fifteen minutes. L1zards Before we begin, an essential tip: These will drop either a Lizard Tail or an Unappraised Item. The former is required in large numbers for a handful of Canvas quests, so i s a good idea to start accumulating them immediately. These are units of Bhakti's Oil, required lora side quest, acttvate the CactuarStatue outside the Dead Dunes Station to create andcollectingallttueeheresatisfiesthequestconditiOfiS.

Aspiring B andit Yl totheleftofthestorm. IWl Return to Ruffian and speakto Adonis to advance the story ChapterendswithfangjointnglightningfortheneJCt three substanttallyloogerfchaptersoftheregionalstorylir.

Floor 1. Temple Ruins: Gob lot I LMWind-8lementalabilitiestostagger. Toopenthese,youmustfindadevlceadorned doors automatically open or close every hour. Open doors are green withthecorrespondingsymboi. Every time the door. Follow the corridor, smashing the skeleton statues that you pass.

Final fantasy 13-2 official guide pdf

The onlyrealcomplicationispickingupallcollectibles m Now backtrack to the Chamber of Flame and follow the Twousefultips: Additionally, if you constantly use Chronostasisto freezetimewtleneveryouare in fi1 Ooce you reach the Sacred Grove, collect the Pilgrim's Crux, then theTempleRuins. Thisopensaroutebetween efficient in your progress through the floor levels.

As all timed doors theTempleAuinsNorthGateentranceandthisfloorofthelabyrinth changestateonthehour. Youcanthenreturnlatertoclearoutthedungeononanodd- numberedhourllorexample, Thiswillprovideyouwithanother Pilgrim's Crux in addition to other rewards. Fornow, completethe"TooloftheTrade"sidequest seepage Youneedtopickup28ofthe latterintotaltocompleteallthree "PrideandGreed"collectionquests lseepageI.

To II! BacktracktotheCactuarStatueandteleportto IF! Floor 3. TheseShrinesareessentiallylongcorridorsthatleadfirst youvisitedduringstepl! Our walkthrough here focuses purely ffi Beforeorafteryouvisitthe threeShrines.

Completmgchaptertriggersthearrivalofmany worryingaboutmosttreasurespheresorothersuchcomplications. We new faces in the settlement. Forge and Sorcery ad'lisethatyoureturntopickthecoffidorscleanofcollectibleslaterFor Shop. OnceyouhaveallthreeTablets,useaCactuarStatueto teleponbackto f: CollocttheCruxBaseaherthecutscene,andthepartscollected ft11 You can. HP t Once insrde. The concluding chapter of lightning Returns tlegins once you complete all five of the mam quests.

The Final Day can be a real shock to the system at first, with a new batch of enemies exclusive to this closing dungeoo.

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As you adapt your strategres and equipment to suot each scenario, though, you will soon find that rt iSil't actually as brutal as it might initially seem. In the event that you simply cannot copewiththedenizensofthisarea,refertotheBestial'fforassistance. Use the Warp Device, then confirm tha t you wish to begin the Final Day when the prompt appears. The Extra Day If you have completed a high number ofquestsbytheendo1Day 12,youwill unlockaspecial14thday.

The UttrmatelairisavailableforexploratJon intheDeadDunesdunngthisextraday. Alnngeli -- Wlai! Figltsagamsttrtos reachthetopolthescaffoldjustbeyondthefirsttwosalesmen,youwill canbealtttleunpleasantsoleelfreetopressontothecathedral alsofindanAdventuringEssentialsvendor.

HesellslibrainformationfOf Approachthesecttriesatthecloseddoorstotripacutscefleand,after enemies unique to the Final Day. You might as wei! Prepare your Schemata Bestiary page Sugrivacanbeaslogunlessyouuseanefficient strategy. TheArcangeli can be something of a wake-up call for playersv. You can use this advantage to farm the Therearethreetreasurespherestolootindeadendsduringthe Arcangeli, Neela. Weodigo and Sugriva to near-extinctioo m your otherwtselinear journeytoGod'sSanctumtotheeast.

When you are ready to move on. Flare in any doubt: ChimeraiBestiarypaget66 usetheSynthesizeAbilitiesoptiontotakeadvantageofallthefeatures you would expect of a standard Sorcery Shop. Once you have availed yoorselfofhisservices. The doors to the northwest. Surge PfltSet battles and either engage or avoid random monster spawns in order to reach a! NeelaxJandWendigoxJ Bestiary spell. Ultima Weapon and Ultima Shield. Earth Eater! Of reload a prior save to try another.

The monsters tha t spawn are purely opt1onal: After appi'Opriating a reward from the sphere, leap over the nearby Thefinalbosshasttu-eepotential itemdrops,butthemostatuactiveof balconytoreturntothemainGod'sSanctumhub these-theDoubleDeity. Zomok Bestiarypage The Crystal of Atonement.

Tomado you havetheoptionto return to the chamber and use a new device available next to Meg: Goblotx10 Bestiarypage abilitiesandinventory withthe excep! IOn of most Key Items intact,butwithmonsterpopulations andquestsreset. SID EmticShadas.

C31 I Cci! After re. Ihen speal: These buiJblasoiOiaosappearltln: CMrrrtLu o Idal vio: Thiscanbefoundonaplatlormalmostdirectly abovehim;leaplromtheadjaceotwalkwaytoreachit.

A"fidlleadel'"tc rutrate"ToSMihtSonleu". AtNorthSta alt9r acceptrnglhe queststaod well blckanclloolr: Sj eaktotheMaitreD". WFragrnentCrystal CathedraiPiaza. HeadtolllewaypnintinsidetbeCathedralbetween Uirig11tasyouapproach llleResidena!

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Nodinger TaketheCivetM. OJ quarteroft! Uistollkflpasiveapp-oech10 problem. Qthelr"ldorl"tfeelsogood" anaekshou6dhavethlldesnd coml: US arlments. VQOJcan iotetactwithhimwithinsewnds. Oiga's songsm ithandkr'ler. VQOJmustrecoverhissongs - or. Thesecaobelooodclosetothewatertrootto tlleeast. UeSI has a mtnor secondary effect. While all other FlanitorsandPersonaiGuardstllrooghou! Staodstill, aodallowhomtoapproochher. AA"' stealslromlightoiog.

Jr progress in the tnaio storyl i! WhenCaodicepresentslightni JIIlv. A tepl hlsquest. Silvered Medal! Heavy Slashlvlalso: IIMI Youmusttllllnlllll! Aetro Mog Mask. MFarms " "" Yellow-rimmedGtasses. Primer Combat System Size: These 14 pages are designed to act as a spoiler-free generalized introduction to all key features of the battle system including information on Schemata, Abilities, Synthesis, Attributes, Stagger and much, much more.

Primer Maps Size: Side Quests Luxerion Size: This download includes an overview of all side quests in Luxerion. Bestiary Chocobo Eater Size: These four pages explain Schema parameters and the Stagger system.

Depending on the nature of your download, you may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please click the Acrobat Reader logo to be taken to the download page. The entire sample page pack. All the sample pages from the Lightning Returns: This double-page spread offers a glimpse of the things that you will find in the Complete Official Guide to Lightning Returns: In the Quickstart section, we explain the structure and contents of the guide, and offer a variety of easy entry points for players of all levels of gaming experience.

Primer Game Structure. The introductory chapter offers a general presentation of all main features and concepts of significance in Lightning Returns.Adventuring Essentials merchant yaulattthtv.

The introductory chapter offers a general presentation of all main features and concepts of significance in Lightning Returns. Unless you have already defeated many Last Ones. See page 56 of the Walkthroughchapterforadviceonthemostprofitableusesofyourtime.

AefertoourBestiaryforall Those marted with the 11 icon exist purely to be sold Don't be too detailsontherewardsyoucanpotentiallyobtainfromeach has!

Chaosslowlycoveredthe lands, of salvation. Haodovetthe ForestFertrl irerwhenpromptedtocompletethequest. Mlr'k Fireworl: