Get up to speed quickly on Creo Parametric with five real-world tutorials. This series of exercises will take you through parts and assembly modeling, motion. This manual is for educational purposes only. It may be printed, but Creo Parametric ® is a registered trademark of PTC Corporation. Creo Parametric Creo Basics free/pdf., parts, and videos provided on Evaluation. Sketcher is the main creation tool of Creo Parametric. The sketcher toolbar Entering Sketcher from Part Mode within Creo Parametric. This section assumes .

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PTC Creo Parametric for Designers download it:). Tutorial approach to explain the concepts of PTC Creo Parametric Detailed Chapters of PTC Creo Parametric for Designers textbook (zipped pdf files). PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, Installing Creo® Creo Parametric, Creo Direct - PTC. Pages··

Click anywhere on the graphics window to remove the green highlight and update the shading. See Figure Notice that the indicated extent of the datum plane DTM3 adjusts to the sketch. You may want to Refit the sketch in the graphics window or use zoom.

Creating a Simple Object Part I 2 - 19 Now well add a couple of rounded corners, technically known as fillets, on the top corners of the sketch to help us see the orientation of the feature in 3D. Select the Fillet command from the RMB pop-up menu Figure 17 and pick on the top and right lines in the sketch close to but not at the corner.

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A circular fillet is created to the pick point closest to the corner. Two tangent constraints T are added, along with a weak dimension for the fillet radius.

Do the same on the top and left lines. Middle click to return to Select mode. IMPORTANT: Because our fillet command has removed two vertices on the top of the sketch, Intent Manager has removed our two strong dimensions which used those vertices and replaced them with weak ones see the message window - you may have to scroll back a couple of lines.

So really we wasted a couple of steps by previously modifying the values of those dimensions and making them strong in the process. You can make them strong again by selecting them, clicking the RMB, and selecting Strong in the pop-up menu.

Modify the cosmetics and values of the fillet radius dimensions as shown in Figure Sketcher Diagnostic Functions At this point, we have a completed and valid sketch. Select the Feature Requirements button in the Sketch tools menu at the top.

The window that opens indicates that the sketch is okay all requirements check out. Lets introduce a common error into the sketch to see what happens. Close the Feature Requirements window. We will create a duplicate line on the sketch using Line Chain.

Start at the bottom left corner and end the line part way up the vertical edge towards the top, overlapping the existing line. When you finish the line and return to Select mode remember to middle click twice , three things will happen. First, the sketch is no longer shaded, indicating that it is no longer a simple closed loop. Second, a big red dot appears where the Helpful Hint When you are creating a Sketch, the most efficient order of operations is the following: 1.

Make sure you have the references you want. Create the geometry you want. Make sure the constraints you want have appeared. Add the dimensions that you want to control the sketch.

Intent Manager will remove any weak ones no longer needed. Modify the dimension cosmetics to take the dimensions off the sketch.

Change the dimension values to the ones you want. If you do not do things in this order, you will likely have to backtrack as we did above by respecifying the strong dimensions for the block. For an extruded solid, the feature would fail with an error message about requiring a closed section only.

Figure 23 The protrusion Figure 22 Sketched curve overlapping line ends. This indicates an open that is, unconnected end of the sketch if the Highlight Open Ends button in the Inspect group in the ribbon is on.

Third, a weak dimension will appear for the new line.

PRO/Engineer PTC Creo Parametric 3.0

Although the geometry of the sketch appears visually correct, if we tried to use it to create a solid feature it would fail 6 pick the Overlapping Geometry button in the Inspect group. All lines touching the offending vertical line will highlight in red easier to see with the datum plane display turned off. At this point, you would have to do some detective work to figure out where the problem was. Select the short vertical line note that preselection works here and delete it.

The red dot disappears and the sketch is again shaded.


You should experiment with the Sketch Diagnostic tools periodically as we proceed through the tutorial. This completes the creation of our first sketch. This returns us to the regular graphics window with our new sketched curve shown in green last feature created. Creo Parametric 5.

In this video, I have demonstrated a very simple 3d model. This is for those who know part modeling commands in Creo Parametric. I am not explaining "how extrude works" or similar things.

You can find the drawing in below link of pinterest account. PTC Creo Parametric blend modeling 3d beginners absolute parametric creo.

The video shows complete 2d to 3d Modeling as well as advanced use of loft option. PTC Creo Parametric tutorial advanced tangent blend parametric creo. PTC Creo Parametric sketch round hole extrude 3d nut parametric creo ptc. Ribs are considered to be a supporting face or a supporting solid for models, there are two types of ribs in creo..

PTC Creo Parametric tools basic trajectory profile tutorials creo option rib. How to model involute gear in Creo 3. How to model involute evolvent gear in Creo 3. PTC Creo Parametric model engineer pro parametric creo tutorial evolvent involute gear.

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Alternatively, you can learn about user interface items with context-sensitive Help using the F1 key. To access reference information such as the PTC Creo 3. Web tools and tutorials include the following items: You can search the Learning Connector using one or more keywords. The Learning Connector provides results from the following sources: It is recommended to use separate configuration files and working directories for each PTC Creo application.

From PTC Creo 3. The development environment for building applications with PTC Creo 3. PTC Creo Design Exploration Extension simplifies the process by enabling you to develop and evaluate multiple design ideas simultaneously and explore changes to a design without committing to the change.

Design Exploration Extension also extends Update Control capabilities. There is better monitoring of complex design changes through data-sharing features, and better investigation of design changes before propagating the changes to dependent models.

Updates for Assembly Updates for Assembly include the enhancements described in the list below: This enables associative and concurrent design of 2D content and 3D models. This results in the faster identification and handling of issues.

Use PTC Creo Intelligent Fastener Extension to automate the assembly of fasteners from a comprehensive out-of-the-box library of screws, bolts, washers, nuts, and dowel pins. The additional community portal provides engineers with instant access to millions of certified native PTC Creo models from over industrial supplier catalogs at no cost. View the portal at http:Heavily Illustrated Text: These will be in light blue, similar to those shown in Figure See the Note below.

You can left-click and drag to form a rectangle around a set of entities. For an extruded solid, the feature would fail with an error message about requiring a closed section only.

In the text entry box, enter the value The dashboard contains two areas. The only warranties for PTC products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services and nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. Refer to the PTC Creo 3.