Critical thinking at work john chaffee 10th edition. Doing a literature review releasing the social science research imagination. Methodology of a research paper. TENTH EDITION Thinking Critically John Chaffee, PhD Director, Center for Philosophy and Critical Thinking, City University of New York Australia • Brazil. Critical thinking at work john chaffee 10th edition. Critical thinking books journalists knowledge management assignment system mla handbook for writers of.

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Critical thinking at work john chaffee 10th edition. From thesis to essay writing research method shakespeare research paper macbeth? assignment of. Nature research paper language editing, introduction to real analysis bartle homework solutions and sherbert online thesis help documentation critical thinking. Critical thinking journals john chaffee 10th edition. Promote critical thinking journals 2 page research proposal help to do a research paper students, abstract of.

No matter how exciting and interesting are the thoughts and facts that you have stated in your paper if the whole narration isn't cohesive and coherent enough. That's why you have to make an effort to refine your assignment structure whether it's research paper, thesis, report or any type of essay. This rule is applicable to the structure of an argumentative essay, in particular, because this writing is quite peculiar. The primary task for every student that is faced with an argumentative essay is to explore some phenomenon or idea in detail, and then express and prove a personal opinion about it.

You are to sum up all the pros and cons of the subject of your essay and back it with reliable pieces of evidence, real facts, and trustworthy examples. You will need responsibility, diligence, and patience to make your argumentative essay well-structured, and its parts - logically interconnected and grounded. How to structure an argumentative essay to meet all the requirements and hand in a paper that will demonstrate your competence and well-developed skills perfectly?

We have prepared for you an article that will be your guide on the argumentative essay, show you all its pitfalls, and provide you with some tips on how to prepare an ideal essay. Be ready to explore the argumentative essay from A to Z! Nobody will be surprised by the fact that the argumentative essay paragraph structure hardly differs from all other essays.

The pattern of any essay is familiar to every student, who has written an essay at least once: introduction, body part, and conclusions. All the parts should be held together and have smooth transitions between them to provide a rational presentation of information.

This requirement could be met by following a few rules and suggestions about the processing of each component part of the essay. As in was mentioned, you are to make up a minimal five-part essay to cover all the necessary points, and these parts will be: But this brief information could hardly be enough for undeniable success in writing an argumentative essay. Let's move to each part of your paper individually and define the peculiarities of their content.

An introduction that is written good plays a vital role in the evaluation of your essay. You are to review what are you going to write about in a paper and present the main subject of the essay. It could be any phenomenon, statement, idea or a particular question, the answer to which you will seek and justify during the essay.

Your task while preparing an argumentative essay introduction is to prove to the reader that your essay is going to be enjoyable and original from the very beginning - write about the importance and relevance of your work, and explain why the audience is better to pay attention to the issue that you raise in your paper. Besides, don't forget to make up a thesis statement that will highlight your own main point to introduce a topic and backgrounds of your essay to your reader.

These are the main guidelines on how to write an introduction for an argumentative essay, and in case of compliance with them you can make the next step and embark on processing the body part. Also, we want you to take a look on a simple example of introduction, that could help you understand its main purpose better and use it as a template of a refined introduction. Imagine you were assigned to write an argumentative essay on the best minds in the world.

People of different generations have wondered and continue to wonder about what lies under the phenomenon of genius. How might an excellent introduction for this essay look?

A lot of people say that today's generation is full of real geniuses, but who are they? Genius can be defined as the ability to come up with something new, an opportunity to make a discovery.

Thinking Critically, 10th Edition

Everyone knows the great scientists and artists who were able to turn the world inside out thanks to their talent and genius and have improved and simplified our lives in various ways. So, you have reached the so-called "heart" of your paper. It should content from three to more paragraphs, and here is a tip: each paragraph should be focused on one specific aspect.

It would be helpful for two main reasons: Try to make each argumentative essay body paragraph equally interesting and informative. You are free to use quotes to confirm the reliability of the evidence, as well as different but pertinent references to various films, books, articles, previous papers on this topic, etc. However, in you use any quotations, always try to indicate the source and use a quote as it is.

It will boost your audience trust and show your competence. In addition to evidence based on a particular work, it will be good if you analyze the chosen problem through the prism of history.

It can be a historical event or a historical figure that is somehow related to your topic or influenced the social understanding of this issue. The argument found on your personal experience will probably be the most exciting for your audience. Choose a certain event from your life that was thought-provoking and, perhaps, inspired you to write your argumentative essay.

Express your thoughts and feelings clearly so that the audience can share your ideas and views with you. So, these are some instructions on how to write a body paragraph for an argumentative essay and make it perfectly structured and grounded.

Pull yourself together and make that one final push! You did a good job, and now all you have to do is to complete your essay appropriately. How to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay? The solution is very simple: you have to draw a line and make one summarized conclusion, which will be the logical result of what you analyzed and wrote.

If up to this stage you have done everything appropriately, then your main idea, as well as the central question, were not lost among all the paragraphs and used materials. There is one useful tip: if your argumentative essay conclusion can be smoothly read right after the introduction part, it means that your essay is structured coherently and all the T's are crossed according to the main essay requirements.

Nevertheless, it doesn't mean the use of redundant information. Your conclusion not just restate the results - it gives a more precise understanding of it to your reader. We suggest you avoid any unanswered questions and don't turn your conclusion into another essay. So, don't go too broad in your final part of the essay. Let's try to make up a refined conclusion for our "genius" introduction for you to see the main point and peculiarities.

It's a talent, the ability to see, understand, realize and create something that someone could only dream about. You can be lucky and have it since birth or develop it through hard work and striving to achieve the goal. Everyone is a genius in their own and unique way, and only we can influence on whether we will become geniuses for the whole world. As you can see, there is nothing extremely challenging in argumentative essay structure and format.

Everything becomes simple and possible if you insure yourself with some necessary information and confidence in your knowledge and skills. Remember, that first steps in your writings are always the most crucial ones, so try not to neglect any additional researching, revising and exploring.

Do you know all the peculiarities of argumentative essay structure? Are you sure about what should be included in this assignment as a matter of course? Don't miss the opportunity to study or recall all of the rules extensively by reading our useful and informative post. Prepare an ideal essay that will deserve only the highest grades!

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As an on-campus student, you might find that a high residency program is the better choice for your studies. Creative writing masters programs may run longer than other graduate programs. This is due in part to the above-mentioned curriculum, which may take a longer time to complete. Additionally, residency requirements may also extend your graduation timeline.

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Good luck finding a perfect creative writing MFA school. Homework help anglo saxons london essay writing It's just a matter of substituting values for x into the equation in order to create ordered pairs. There are a lot of other cool things about quadratic functions and graphs. Notice how the f x values start lesson repeat after the vertex? If you draw an imaginary line through the vertex, photograph is called the axis of symmetry.

Notice that the zeros of functions function are not identifiable on the graph. Locate plotter common app essay examples extracurricular on the completed table of values.

They contain decimals which we can not accurately read on help graph. If a is positive the parabola opens up and vertex is the minimum point. Comments We would love to hear what you have to say about this page! If a is negative, problem function homework down quadratic the vertex is the maximum point. Quadratic Functions - Lesson 1 So far in our study of Algebra, we have discovered all of the ins and function of linear equations and functions.

Literature review meaning in bengali

For more practice with quadratic functions, see lesson 2 on quadratics. Some degrees such as the one from University of East Anglia are highly respected. Just that some universities—even the smaller ones—are more well known in some industries than others. Every degree course is different, even if they have the same title.

Do as much research as you can on the course, and look into writers that have graduated and gone on to succeed. If you want to be successful too, you should learn from the best. Expect to have your work picked apart with a fine-toothed comb by teachers and peers.

In my three years at Derby, we had one lecture on the industry. When I was at Trent, what we learnt trickled in through other lectures and our process of creating the anthology. It will change as you study, but it will grow and improve. An expected part of Creative Writing degrees is writing commentaries.

The tone that you use should be more formal than your creative work, too. These include things like originality, control of language and references. It varies from course to course, but they have to make the criteria available to students.

This is how you find out what works in your work, and what you need to improve on. You could be better at writing poetry than fiction. As mentioned before, some people will think your choice of degree subject is a waste of time.

However, studying Creative Writing can lead to a variety of career paths. That attested to 5 or 6 short stories—and the critiques to go along with them—all due at the same time. This meant that most of us were pretty burnt out in the end, and it put a lot of us off. Meg Cabot was warned about studying English Literature, but she was fortunate enough for it to fuel her love for it. Sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Together with his wife, their seven children, and a border collie named Charlotte, Jason resides in a hundred year old Craftsman home in a blue collar city nestled in the Pacific Northwest.

The house is very drafty, but a family that large has a way of keeping you warm. Galactic facebook. When he is not auditioning for commercials, going out for sitcoms or being shot, kicked, stabbed or beaten by the students of various film schools for their projects, he can be found writing books.

Science homework help 5th grade We strive to live up to our reputation for excellence in our rigorous academic curriculum, our many extracurricular activities, and our outstanding athletics teams. We invite you to browse the pages of this site and learn about our exceptional programs, our dedicated administration and faculty, and the many other things our high school has to offer.

Please view our school strategic plan to learn more. River severn homework help Abstract In recent years the Government of Egypt initiated the efforts towards developing a navigation system in River Nile in Egypt. These efforts will increase the revenue from tourism; reduce the cost of shipping and the load on transportation network and overcome tourism ships which stuck near Luxor and Aswan city that happed every year during the peak of the tourism season between November-February due to decrease in water level that can affect tourism boats with a capacity for accommodating over 60, tourists per week.

Developing River Nile navigation system depends on the availability of updated data and information for River Nile depths all over the year in order to identify the best route that can be used for ships.

River Nile water level always changes that effect changing of River Nile depths. This point is critical and has entertained thinking about using remote sensing technology that can derive bathymetric data from high-resolution multispectral satellite imagery.

In this paper, Stumpf algorithm for estimating shallow water depth from multispectral data is applied in our study area near Esna district. This methodology is based on linear logarithm ratio model between image bands; the retrieved bathymetry is compared with echo sounder data.

The Rive Nile has been recognized as a navigable channel throughout the history of Egypt. Then the second part in this paper building an automated navigation system for River Nile fleet in Egypt using Linear Reference and Dynamic Segmentation techniques based on the above retrieved bathymetry data and the other available collected data from different resources. It extends for about km from Aswan High Dam to Cairo, divided into two branches, Rosetta and Damietta branch, each branch is about km in length and finally reaches the Mediterranean Sea [22], as shown in Figure 1.

The developed application is integration between Geomatics Engineering and Software Engineering on how maps, data, functions and information were used in a useful way using programming language to allow operation of all inertial navigation. The total drop in bed level from Aswan to the Mediterranean is about 80 m over km length.

Therefore, the River Nile has a gentle slope, a low energy with a controlled discharge and water level, [3], as shown in Figure 2. The increase in the River Nile fleet does not match the existing facilities on the River Nile. Change in the level of the River Nile bed and continues change of the water levels; along the River Nile from Old Aswan Dam to Delta Barrages are the significance problems that face the navigation in the River Nile.

Unfortunately, the peak season for hotel boats and tourism is during the period November-February [23].

NOVA Online The Vikings Resources

This period matches the low discharge period, the issue, which is considered a real threat to the tourism industry. Besides; there are other problems such as: boat navigators are not well trained and rely on their basic experience about the River Nile path.

The modern navigation channel does not exist by any standards the absence of the suitable navigational aids and landmarks, [22, 24]. In recent years the Government of Egypt initiated the efforts towards developing the River Nile navigation. These efforts will increase the revenue from tourism, and reduce the cost of shipping. The River Nile navigation has great importance because it will reduce the load on road transportation system with the drastically increased of population way of cargo transportation and tourism goods need to be transported inside Egypt.

Reduce the ever increasing overcrowding on Egyptian motorways. Decrease in the air pollution and overall transport cost. Increasing the investment creation of job opportunities financed by new businesses based on rural cities [26]. Remote sensing technology is able to penetrate water column and identify shallow water objects [10].

Remote observations provide relatively low-cost information on shallow water bathymetry, compared to other known bathymetry retrieval techniques, such as Lidar scanning, multibeam systems and singlebeam echo sounder [6].

These methods provide high resolution and accurate data, but surveying in those cases is usually expensive and time consuming [7, 12]. The use of remote sensing imageries in shallow water habitat and bathymetric mapping was initiated by using medium and high resolution satellite images [21]. Sutanto [20] stated that multispectral sensor, can penetrate up to 20 meter below the sea surface in a clear water condition.

Madden [15] used band ratio method of several Worldview-2 imageries bands and found that bands combination was the best to enhance shallow water bathymetric information. Alsubaie [8] who performed bathymetric mapping research in San Francisco Bay also agreed that band ratio gave a proper result.

Guntur [10] argued that higher water turbidity results in less electromagnetic spectrum penetration through water column. In recent years many experiments aiming to estimate bathymetry in optically shallow waters with the use of remote optical observation. Calibration of relative water depths resulted by this algorithm was done by using a set of ground truth points and another analytical approach proposed by Lyzenga [13, 14] and Philpot [18].

Geo Eye satellite image used here to examine bottom albedo-independent bathymetry algorithm band ratio for providing shallow water bathymetric information. RMSEr calculated with respect to echo sounder traditional data. Then, building an automated navigation system for River Nile fleet in Egypt using Linear Reference and Dynamic Segmentation techniques based on the above retrieved bathymetry data and other collected data achieved.

The developed application supports the system configuration and provides data visualization in real-time. It includes a powerful wizard to guide the operator step by step. This navigation system will help the fleet's navigators to navigate safely by getting all available surveying data like locations along River Nile start and end coordinates points or by real time pick up location, directions along River Nile with tracking the trip, route with suitable water discharge, water depths, River Nile width, nearest ports, barrages, dams, allowable speed and carry.

Traditional depths were measured by echo sounders with singlebeam and GPS receivers were applied in the area of Esna Bridge.

It was essential to carry out fieldwork, using the most modern and accurate equipment in order to obtain useful information about the water depths and river bottom type. The fieldwork was under taken at with the acquisition of the Geo Eye satellite imagery date. The reason for conducting this survey at the same time as image acquisition was to obtain more accuracy in the study methodology.

Geo Eye-1, launched in September , is an imaging satellite of Digital Globe. The spacecraft is in a sun-synchronous orbit with an operating altitude of km.

Geo Eye-1 collects images at 0. The sensor is optimized for large projects, as it can collect over , square kilometers of VHR satellite imagery every day. Geo Eye-1 can revisit any point on Earth once every three days, or even sooner depending on latitude and elevation angle. Basemap produced from the author in a previous paper, titled Developing Updated Basemap for River Nile in Egypt Using Free Sources Satellite Images, Omayma Obada [16], this basemap created using on screen digitizing in registered free sources satellite images to digitize main streams and sub-streams within the River Nile catchment area.

It is a mapping product that provides hydrographic information for regional and global-scale applications in a consistent format. It offers a suite of geo-referenced data sets, including river networks, watershed boundaries, drainage directions, and flow accumulations.

Ocean, lake and river shorelines were identified and delineated from the 1 arc-second data pixel resolution 30m and were saved as vectors in ESRI 3-D Shapefile format.

Several steps were involved in the preparation of the spectral and bathymetric data for water depth mapping. They included atmospheric correction, geometric correction, and the extraction of bathymetric values from the nautical chart and the corresponding pixel values from both images. In this model, the reflectance of water, Rw, of a particular spectral band is defined as: Where i denote visible bands, IR near-infrared band, Y the constant to correct for spectral variation and depends on aerosol type.

In this study, the correction presumes a maritime atmosphere with a spectral variation similar to that of the water surface specular reflectance. This assumption is reasonable for Geo Eye-1 data with no cloud cover. Water vapours with large diameters might require a separate aerosol correction. Water absorptivity varies spectrally from band to band. As the depth increases, the reflected irradiance decreases faster in the high absorptivity spectral band e.

Procedurally, we first corrected the tidal effect on the remotely sensed data to the bathymetric datum, then computed for blue and green bands the averages of the pixel values of along the 0m and 5m bathymetric lines using Relative Water Depth tool enabled in ENVI, which were input into the model to estimate equation coefficient m1 and constant m0.

These parameters were further fine-tuned for producing better matches between the model output Z and the sampled in-situ data until the Root Mean Squared Error RMSEr of the model was managed down to an acceptable level, as shown in the Table 2. From the previous calculation and using observed echo sounder data to validated image estimated depths to ground truth depths, the differences between the observed depth and the estimated depth ranges from 0.

Converting data or standardizing data phase is the process by which data collected from different sources in various formats KMZ, DWG, Shapefile, text Geodatabase have a comprehensive information model for representing and managing geographic information. This model is implemented as a series of tables holding feature classes, raster datasets, and attributes.

In addition, advanced GIS data objects add GIS rules for managing spatial integrity and tools for working with numerous spatial relationships of the core features, raster and attributes.

It supports storing information about collected data as metadata. Geodatabase design begins by identifying the data themes to be used, then specifying the contents and representations of each thematic layer, as shown in Figure 9 [32].

Geographic features are represented for each theme as points, lines, polygons, or raster along with their tabular attributes and data are organized into datasets, as feature classes, attributes, raster datasets, and additional spatial and database elements will be needed for integrity rules, for implementing rich GIS behaviour as topologies, networks, and finally defining spatial and attribute relationships between datasets. Data Quality Control phase DQC is the process of controlling the usage of data with known quality measurement, this process based on Automated and Manual procedures.

These procedures depend on spatial relationship matrix called Topology. Topology is Logical spatial relationships between features in the same layer or in different layers.

Thinking Critically, 10th Edition

Topology rules can be applied depending on the spatial relationships defined in designed geodatabase schema, most topology violations have fixes that used to correct errors. The topology errors handled using Arc MAP application using Fix Topology Tools; the used topology rules in this phase are defined and determined, as shown in the Figure Distance measurements are used to address location along River Nile. Linear Referencing is called River Addressing, it allows objects such as field monitoring stations, which collect information about water quality analysis, toxic release inventories, drinking water supplies, structure, and pump station to be located along a river or stream system.

The measurement scheme used in River Addressing and Navigation system allows the measurement of flow distance between any two points on a flow path. These systems simplify the recording of data by using a relative position along an already existing linear feature. That is, location is given in terms of a known linear feature and a position, or measure along it. Dynamic segmentation is the process of computing the map location shape of events stored in an event table and allows multiple sets of attributes to be associated with any portion of a linear feature, as shown in Figure The result of this process is a dynamic feature class known as a route event source.

A route event source can serve as the data source of a feature layer in Arc Map Application.

A dynamic feature layer behaves like any other feature layer. It is possible to decide whether to display it, the scale at which it should be visible, what features or subset of features to display, how to draw the features, whether to store it as a layer file or export it, and so on. It is used for creating and managing GIS Web services, applications and data. Data was published as feature services and other geoprocessing tools were published as geoprocessing services and System Architecture, as shown in Figure A web application is an application that uses a website as the interface.

Users can easily access the application from any computer connected to the Internet using a standard browser.Your campus could become a one stop shop for your writing needs! The costs incurred in advertising to the audience in order to earn more customers are a lot.

I'll let the three-part resume below fill you in on the blow by blow details: publications, presentations, teaching experience, awards. Dynamic Segmentation gives ability to present more data and information in a simple and easy way along Nile River.

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