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Star Wars has entries in the series. Ian Doescher Author (). cover image of Die Legenden von Luke Skywalker: Journey to Star Wars: Die letzten. Star Wars Guardians of the Whills and Rebel Rising [epub]. To Start Reading This Amazing Novel Download Star Wars Aftermath Epub From. DOWNLOAD EPUB Star Wars: The Jedi Academy Trilogy: Champions of the Force Ambush at Corellia (Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy, Book 1).

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Name: Email: We respect your email privacy. Stackpole mostly focuses on Rogue Squadron, an elite X-Wing squadron originally founded by Luke Skywalker, but commanded by Wedge Antilles in the books. Advertisement There are ten books in the series, divided into two sub-series and three standalones. In it, Wedge founds Wraith Squadron and leads them in a bunch of undercover missions to stop the evil Warlord Zsinj—remember him from here? Next, Allston has Wedge and three of his friends play ambassador to a bloodthirsty but strategically important planet in Starfighters of Adumar.


Incidentally, the Yuuzhan Vong War marks the point at which I stopped being a completist reader of the EU, and started only picking up books by authors I already liked and trusted. I hate the Yuuzhan Vong. Advertisement The X-Wing books have the lowest ratio of silly to good things of any of the classic EU books.

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I mean, unintentionally silly. For example, while Grand Admiral Thrawn has—both in our world and in a galaxy far, far away—become basically the patron saint of magnificent bastards, his books are also where we got Luuke, the psycho clone of Luke Skywalker grown from the hand he lost in The Empire Strikes Back.

Advertisement The most ridiculous thing about the X-Wing books is Corran Horn, who is an elite pilot, former cop, and secret Jedi.

Damn is he one Mary-Sue-looking motherfucker. Advertisement But, generally, the X-Wing books are noteworthy for pointing out and then trying to remedy the worst gaffes of the EU.

Allston may be the king of the Star Wars retcon. He also fixed another problem with that book, which was that the Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist is destroyed twice—once at the start of the book, and again at the end.

Thrawn: Alliances

He even manages to tie them both together by making the first explosion a fake gambit on the part of Zsinj to download himself time by looking defeated. Yes, I am still shocked that this mistake made it past everyone involved in The Courtship of Princess Leia, and it took a different author to fix. Advertisement And in Starfighters of Adumar, Allston also explained how Wedge could be with Qwi Xux in the Jedi Academy trilogy Stackpole also pointed out how gross that was in I, Jedi and then end up married, with no explanation, to someone else in a later book.

While Han, Leia, and Luke appear every so often, the focus on these books is on characters that either never appear in the movies or have no appreciable personalities in them. I love Wes Janson with my entire soul.

He half turned to glare accusingly at Tycho. Get Wes up to an emotional age of fourteen, maybe fifteen.

Not Darth Vader and the dark side of the Force, not the nuclear devastation of an exploding sun. Bite me, Disney.

Janson is the best.War Torn traces the interwoven stories of one platoon's I love Wes Janson with my entire soul.

Star Wars James Luceno ebook Publisher: Advertisement The most ridiculous thing about the X-Wing books is Corran Horn, who is an elite pilot, former cop, and secret Jedi. Mon premier blog.