Sample A is a Simplified Form of Articles of Association for private by shares prescribed in Schedule 2 of the Companies (Model Articles) Notice (Cap. H) ( “. Company No. ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION. (As adopted by Special Resolution passed on 3 ). OF. GlaxoSmithKline plc. Articles of Association. 9–Articles prescribing regulations for companies. 10– Regulations required in case of unlimited company or company limited by.

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/Internal. 2. The Articles of Association of the Company. Company Number ♢. COMPANIES ACT PRIVATE COMPANY LIMITED BY . (Memorandum of Association adopted by Special Resolution Articles means these Articles of Association originally framed or as from time to time altered. by persons or associations engaged in banking, investing and financial To finance or assist in financing the sale of goods, articles or commodities of all and.

All jurisdictions will have rules concerning company names. Usually, a suffix such as "Inc" or "Ltd" must be used to show that the entity is a company. Also, some words that could confuse the public, such "government" or "church," cannot be used or must be used only for specific types of entities.

Words that are offensive or heinous are also usually prohibited. Purpose of the Company The reason for the creation of the company must also be stated in the articles of association.

Some jurisdictions accept very broad purposes—"management," for example—while others require greater detail—e.

There will always be at least one form of common shares that makes up a company's capital. In addition, there may be several types of preferred shares. The company may or may not issue the shares , but if they are found in the articles of association, they can be issued if and when the need presents itself. A company may or may not issue shares, but if they are listed in the articles of association, shares can be issued if and when needed.

It is also important to remember that the Court does not have the power to alter the AOA. These are the specific guidelines that a Company has to adhere to achieve a successful alteration: The copy of Special Resolution has to be filed with the Registrar within 30 Days of its Passing.

The Company should not propose any illegal activity.

The alteration proposed cannot be bonafide for the benefit of the Company. The alteration should not increase the liability of the existing members in any manner. An Entrenchment Clause refers to the effect that a Company may choose to apply to its certain provisions.

The Entrenchment Clause renders the provision difficult or impossible to alter. On the contrary, the Articles of Association are provisions and rules set up the regulate and govern the Company.

The Company is not bound to register the AOA during the time of incorporation.

The Memorandum of Association restraints the powers of the organization while the Articles of Association only demonstrate the rights, obligations that the members of the organization are responsible to follow and adhere. The Articles of Association is subordinate to the Memorandum which holds the Supreme status in the hierarchy of the documents of the Company while The Memorandum of Association must contain six clauses in total but the Articles of Association can have clauses according to the decision of the Company, given it does not go against the Companies Act, The Memorandum specifies the objectives of the Company while the Articles of Association specifies the rules through which the objectives are to be fulfilled by the Company.

Any provisions of the AOA that goes against the Memorandum is rendered invalid and the Memorandum of Association controls the Articles.Meetings and minutes, notices etc.

Special Resolutions covering some topics may be a statutory requirement. Articles of association are a document that specifies the regulations for a company's operations and defines the company's purpose.

This day may not be a Sunday, other public holiday, Saturday, Midsummer's Eve, Christmas Eve or New Years Eve and may not be a day falling earlier than the fifth week day before the day of the shareholders' meeting. In addition, there may be several types of preferred shares. Shareholders may choose to surrender or voluntary return their shares to the Company pertaining to the guidelines of the AOA.

Under the new legislation, the articles of association will become the single constitutional document for a UK company, and will subsume the majority of the role previously filled by the separate memorandum of association. They should be for the benefit of the company.

Due importance and care should be given to ensure that the alteration of AoA does not conflict with the provisions of the Memorandum of Association or the Companies Act.